Blooming Desert BodyTalk

Integrative Mind / Body Medicine

BodyTalk Practitioners are able to determine your body's priorities for healing, and with a variety of non-invasive techniques, refocus your body's natural healing response to establish better communication within the body. Better communication brings about balance, and the ability to heal on a deep, lasting level.

Naturally, most clients arrive for a session with a health concern. However, the BodyTalk Practitioner does not make a diagnosis and then follow an established protocol. BodyTalk recognizes that although two people may appear to show the exact same symptoms, the communication links needed to balance their conditions may be entirely different. No two sessions are ever alike.

Sessions are non-invasive, safe and comfortable. There is nothing to do to prepare. Adults will remove their shoes and lie fully clothed, face up on a massage table while the Practitioner, positioned at your side, will gently use your arm to establish communication with your body. This communication is called neuromuscular biofeedback. If you are not able to lie down, special requests are accommodated. Babies are sometimes more comfortable relaxing on their guardian, and children can sit on the table with books or something to color, which the practitioner will provide.

An intake form and release will be sent to you upon setting up your first session. You may fill it out and bring it with you, or return by email prior to your appointment.

BodyTalk sessions with Melanie normally last anywhere between 35 and 60 minutes. 



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