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I began working with Melanie a couple years ago and feel very relaxed and validated after each session. She is very good at getting straight to what your body needs and has a very balanced approach. She is very skilled at linking the physical and the psycho-emotional. I continue to see her regularly for treatments.

Melanie has been working with our 7 year old son to resolve some issues around his kidneys and kidney stones. Its been so refreshing to work with someone who gets to the root cause of his problems, and I really appreciate her ability to tune in to his thoughts and feelings surrounding his health. His kidney issues have resolved themselves, and he is back to his lighthearted, happy self!

I've been bringing by two boys (4 and 7) in for regular appointments with Melanie for the past 4 years. They really enjoy the time to relax, and her environment is so warm and inviting. She has a calming presence that instantly puts them at ease. She has helped resolve problems with everything from nervous tics to autoimmune issues and other stresses to their systems. I feel they are much more content when we keep up our regular BoyTalk appointments.

So....after I saw you last week I actually had two more nights of pretty bad insomnia so it was hard to tell how our session had affected me (w/ the exception of my under-the left-shoulder-blade issue.....haven't felt a thing since you worked on me!)  Sunday afternoon I popped into the bathroom to pee only to discover my period had arrived, very unannounced!  No hip/groin/side aching, no feeling that it was coming on & ABSOLUTELY no headache or migraine!!!!!!!!Hip, hip hurray!!!!!!! The thing that's pretty darn crazy about this is that several of my known migraine triggers were actually thrown into the mix, somewhat accidentally / ironically, just prior to onset of my period:  I had a drink both Fri & Sat evenings (hardly drink anymore because it's a known trigger), I ate some sweets / chocolate, & I had three nights in a row of bad sleep, plus my menses.  So- I am truly astounded & grateful.  Have been floating on air since Sunday.  Am dis-owning those pesky migraines & have felt so grateful & lucky. HOOT!  Today I even won a give-away.....something that hasn't happened for awhile, & I think it must be because I'm buzzing at a higher frequency or something!

I brought my son to see Melanie after it was determined that he needed his gallbladder removed at 6 years old. BodyTalk treatments helped him deal with the stress of the surgery as well as returning his body to a state of calm after such a traumatic event. We see Melanie regularly to check in on his missing gallbladder and assure he's in balance.

It was a beautiful spring in Albuquerque. Higher than average winter precipitation meant a fragrant and colorful array of blossoms and... higher than average pollen counts as well! For the first spring in his life, my four-year-old son was not only able to play outside without severe repercussions (and hardcore prescription antihistamines), but also thoroughly enjoy himself doing so! Melanie was able to ease his debilitating seasonal allergies (and some animal allergies, too!) quickly and painlessly. Furthermore, she was able to do most of the work remotely, which, as any busy parent knows, feels like a dream come true. In person, she is kind, gentle, silly, and genuine- all the things kids respond well to in general, but particularly when they're not feeling well or know they are getting some sort of treatment. Her space is calming and serene, beautiful and cozy. We felt so at ease during his sessions, and now I feel extreme gratitude for this huge shift in health for my precious little boy.

After having two kids, I never bounced back in terms of energy level or my immune system. I was fighting an uphill battle with my overall health, and turned to BodyTalk for some support. I've worked with Melanie for the past three years, and have noticed so many positive shifts. I have much more energy, and I'm able to handle the stresses of life and kids with much more ease. If anything comes up with me in terms of my health she is always there for a focused appointment. I love knowing I have her and BodyTalk on my side, and working with her has been an incredible journey.






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