Blooming Desert BodyTalk

Integrative Mind / Body Medicine


Melanie found BodyTalk, like many others, while looking for help with something acute. The traumatic labor of her first son led her to research a way to release the "activeness" of the memory before she had her second son. BodyTalk not only released the emotional response she felt surrounding labor, but she also began to sleep through the night after years of insomia, and found that a recurring pain in her back disappeared.  She realized that BodyTalk was something that addressed and revitalized her body on all levels.

Melanie is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) and travels throughout the U.S. regularly for continuing education. She is also trained in SourcePoint Therapy, which she regularly integrates into her sessions. She believes that both children and adults should get regular energetic "tune-ups". The modalities she practices can address acute concerns, but just like physicals and teeth cleanings, they also work to keep your system running at its best.



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